Academic exchanges resume after three years of pandemic halt

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With pandemic restrictions finally lifted, we are seizing the opportunity to reconvene and share research knowledge. Dr. Zhuanghua Shi has recently given a talk on “Suppression distractor interference” at the Psychology Department at Zhejiang University, China, and at Hangzhou Normal University. Dr. Shi expressed immense joy in reconnecting with former mentor, Prof. Mowei Shen (ZJU), and the former lab member Dr. Xuelian Zang (HZNU), among other respected peers.

Delayed since 2020, the Sino-German Bi-lateral symposium on Multisensory Processing, Neural Mechanisms, and Applications finally saw the light of day, running from September 17th to 23rd, 2023, in Beijing China. This pivotal event marked a resurgence in academic interactions and collaborations. Here, special gratitude is extended to Prof. Lihan Chen and his dedicated team for their impeccable organization of the symposium. Additionally, heartfelt thanks are given to the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and German research foundation (DFG) for making this invaluable academic exchange possible.

Following an invitation by Dr. Guanlan Kan, Dr. Zhuanghua Shi also gave a talk on perceptual biases at Bejing Sport University. His captivating discourse not only garnered immense interest from attendees but also sparked an animated and insightful discussion among the audience.