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Welcome to the MSense Lab, in the Department of Psychology at LMU Munich, Munich, Germany. We are an international and interdisciplinary team of young researchers that are curious about multisensory perception, attention, and computational modeling.


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Research Topics

Time Perception
Contextual learning and modulation
Bayesian Inference

Latest Publications

Contextual cueing in co-active visual search: Joint action allows acquisition of task-irrelevant context 
April 29, 2022
Repeatedly presenting a target within a stable search array facilitates visual search, an effect termed contextual cueing. Previous solo-performance studies have shown that successful acqui...
Cross-modal contextual memory guides selective attention in visual-search tasks
February 10, 2022
Abstract Visual search is speeded when a target item is positioned consistently within an invariant (repeatedly encountered) configuration of distractor items (“contextual cueing”). Cont...
Inter-trial effects in priming of pop-out: Comparison of computational updating models
September 7, 2021
Fredrik Allenmark ,Ahu Gokce,Thomas Geyer,Artyom Zinchenko,Hermann J. Müller,Zhuanghua Shi Abstract In visual search tasks, repeating features or the position of the target result...