Group Photos

2019 Chinese New Year Dinner: Siyi, Leo, Fredrik, Jan, Fiona, Cemre, Bing, Bei, Lingyue, Yue

November 2018 Escape the room: Cemre, Bei, Rasmus, Monica, Strongway, Fredrik, Bing, Jan, Fiona, Lingyue
Nov. 2018, Lab lunch: Laura, Rasmus, Monica, Strongway, Bing, Lingyue, Cemre, Bei, Fiona, Artyom, Fredrik
Ammersee Symposium: Jan, Siyi, Leo, Lingyue, Strongway, Bing, Bei, Fredrik, Fiona

At MVSSA meeting (2018.07)

Strongway, Xinyue, Linda, Renyue, Fredrik, Alynn, Jan, Mengsi, Leo, Bing, Lingyue

Lab group photo 2016

Lab group photo 2018

Lab group photo 2017
Katharina, Fredrik, Jan, Leo, Strongway, Yue, Xinyue

Lab group photo 2016

Gl├╝hwein at Christmas market 2016
From left to right: Strongway, Yue, Fredrik, Jan, Leo, Bing
Group photo 2016 Spring
From left to right: Bing, Linda, Katharina, Strongway, Fredrik, Kirsty, Yue
Linda’s defense 2014
From left to right: Dongheui, Hermann, Linda, Strongway
Lina’s defense 2013
2013 Stephanie’s defense
From left to right: Thomas, Lutz, Stephanie, Strongway, Hermann
Group photo 2013
From left to right: Linda, Lina, Strongway, Stephanie, Yue