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Welcome to the MSense Lab, in the Department of Psychology at LMU Munich, Munich, Germany. We are an international and interdisciplinary team of young researchers that are curious about multisensory perception, attention, and computational modeling.


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Time Perception
Contextual learning and modulation
Bayesian Inference

Latest Publications

Inter-trial effects in priming of pop-out: Comparison of computational updating models
September 7, 2021
Fredrik Allenmark ,Ahu Gokce,Thomas Geyer,Artyom Zinchenko,Hermann J. Müller,Zhuanghua Shi Abstract In visual search tasks, repeating features or the position of the target result
V5/MT+ modulates spatio-temporal integration differently across and within hemifields: causal evidence from TMS
August 24, 2021
A latest publication by Artyom, Stephanie, Lingyue et al. on Neuropsychologia on the topic on TMS modulates Ternus apparent motion. Abstract It is unclear how the brain reaches t...
Personality Traits, Loneliness, and Affect Among Boxers
May 24, 2021
Chen, X., Qiu, N., Chen, C., & Zhai, L. (2021). Personality Traits, Loneliness, and Affect Among Boxers. Frontiers in Psychology, 12, 609153. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2021.609153